Property tax at today’s market levels is an important consideration when evaluating the value of a property. We can review the tax assessment and make recommendations to present to the assessor. Many property owners may not be aware that business enterprise value may not be subject to property taxation. An appraisal may be required to support the taxpayer’s position as to tax basis. Our professionals are experienced in negotiating with taxing authorities and have been successful in obtaining fair values for the taxpayer.




Market feasibility studies are essential in the development or acquisition of a health care facility. These studies involve an in depth analysis of the location, the market competition and the primary users of a facility. Included in the studies are all the relevant demographics to evaluate the proposed usage of the facility.




Real property valuations are the foundation of proper internal planning, preacquisition assessments and satisfying lenders expectations in asset based loans. The Valuation & Information Group prepares appraisals to comply with requirements of a federally insured lender. We issue a full narrative report in compliance with FIRREA (the Financial Institutions Reform and Recovery Enforcement Act.) Where only a limited report is required to evaluate a transaction, we can limit the scope to meet the needs of our clients.




Our qualified professionals prepare detailed valuations of equipment. These valuations may be completed to satisfy lenders’ requirements, where opinions of value in orderly or forced liquidation are the standard of value. Personal property valuations may also be required in conjunction with the acquisition of assets in a sale or purchase and can be utilized to establish a book basis in accordance with GAAP requirements.




Capital Cost Segregation is an analysis allocating real property values to the appropriate useful lives for federal tax depreciation purposes. These studies may be prepared for new and existing properties to support the depreciation basis of the taxpayer.



Due Diligence is the complex task of assembling and analyzing documents to support a transaction. We assist in this process by compiling the financial data and presenting this information in a concise manner. This will enable the client and their advisors to focus on the structuring and closing of the transaction while we create schedules that are well documented and are easy to follow.


Business Valuation is a process used to determine the economic value of an interest in a business, financial asset, or liability. Business valuations are completed for various purposes including: mergers and acquisitions, gift and estate taxes, marital or business dissolution litigation, compliance, and purchase price allocation for financial reporting purposes, among other business and legal disputes.


One area that Valuation & Information Group has substantial experience in is conducting valuations for compliance purposes. The company has conducted numerous assignments in valuating intangible assets for compliance with Statements of Financial Accounting Standards (SFAS) #141, #142, and #157, as well as for compliance with fraud and abuse, and anti-kickback legislation.